5 Hidden Features of the Control Center on Your iPhone or iPad

The Control Center on your iPhone or iPad has long been one of the stylish features of iOS, giving you one- valve access to lanes for conduct you frequently have to do constantly in the same manner. This includes enabling or disabling the Wi- Fi and Cellular Data, turning the Airplane Mode ON or OFF, raising or lowering the Volume or Display Brilliance, etc. still, the Control Center is able of a lot further effects and then, we ’ve prepared a handy list of 5 retired features of the Control Center so that you can completely use its power. 


 In order to use any of the features listed below, you have to enable them in the Control Center by customizing how the Control Center is arranged. To do this, follow these way. 

How to Customize the Control Center on iOS 

 Launch the Settings app. 

 Scroll down and tap on Control Center. 

 Tap on Customize Controls 

Tap the or- icons to the right of each item to enable or disable them. 

 Now that we know how to customize the Control Center, let’s see what retired features can be enabled in it. 


 1. Switch Between Wi- Fi Networks 

 Did you know that you can switch between any of the available Wi- Fi networks directly from your Control Center? That’s right, you do n’t have to launch the Settings app and valve on the Wi- Fi settings every time you have to switch from one Wi- Fi network to another. 


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